Trump Has Insane Thursday Morning Meltdown After Video Shows Him Admitting He Would Cheat To Win In 2020

He is currently losing his sh*t.

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Yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump sat down with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos for an exclusive interview, and wound up saying something that left supporters puzzled and opponents outraged: He told the legendary anchor that there was nothing wrong with accepting the illegally-hacked information given to his campaign by the Russian government in 2016, and that he would consider doing it again in 2020 — and that he would not necessarily call the FBI.

In that video, Trump insists over and over that it’s the same as “opposition research” and that he would only call law enforcement if he “thought something was wrong.” But Trump and his entire campaign apparatus knew that the information came from the Russian effort to hack and disseminate data from the Democratic National Committee and from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.


Rightfully, the video sparked reactions ranging from agreement (by Trump fans, of course) to accusations of treason. But today, Trump seems to have only heard the reactions he wants to hear, because he is, as we speak, angrily tweeting about just this:

Senator Warner, of course, did not speak with any Russians. He sent texts back and forth with a Washington lawyer who represents the oligarch Oleg Deripaska, whose company is currently enjoying the benefits of Mitch McConnell’s direct lobbying efforts — texts that were part of an investigation in the Russia probe.

Rep. Schiff was pranked by Russian entertainers who pretended to have nude photos of the President.

Both of those examples are a far cry from sensitive, illegally-obtained information offered to the Trump campaign shortly after Trump himself publicly called on Russia to hack Clinton’s servers in search of more information.

But Trump repeating the lie that his campaign was “spied on” is what gives this away as just another Trumper tantrum. That’s been debunked since the first time he said it, and he drags the claim out again every time he’s feeling particularly cornered.

We can only assume that Trump is terrified right now that his candor in yesterday’s interview with ABC will cost him his reelection.

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