Trump Has “Freudian Slip,” Confesses That Russia Helped Him

Who knows, maybe he MEANT to say it because he's exhausted from constantly lying.

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In what looks to be the same type of moment one might see at the end of an episode of “Scooby-Doo,” President Trump appears to now be accidentally admitting that his election to the presidency was assisted by Russian efforts:


Of course, his point was to state that he didn’t make some kind of backroom deal with Vladimir Putin to exchange something big for Russian assistance in obtaining the presidency — another denial of the extralegal term “collusion.” But the choice of words — “I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected” — is interesting, because Trump has, until now, proudly proclaimed that Russia had nothing to do with electing him at all, deal or no deal.

He is mostly correct in that assertion: Robert Mueller did not find evidence that Trump himself personally struck a bargain with the Russian government.

Trump’s tweet does not address the proven fact that his campaign manager willingly shared polling data with someone he knew to be a Russian spy, or that his son gleefully accepted opposition intelligence from a hostile foreign power in exchange for a decrease in sanctions — that was partially delivered by the Trump administration in year one of his administration, by giving back diplomatic compounds to Russia that were seized by Barack Obama in punishment for meddling in the 2016 election.

No, Mr. President. Russia has certainly not “disappeared,” despite the administration purposely ignoring the warnings of our intelligence community that they intend to interfere again in the next election.

And contrary to what Trump’s advisors must keep telling him, Mueller didn’t fail to find evidence of obstruction. He found a dozen instances of it, by Trump personally, all outlined in the report. He just couldn’t do anything about it himself.

That’s why he went to the podium yesterday and called on Congress to impeach.

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