Trump Got Surprise Of His Life During Trip To Golf Club, John McCain Would Be Proud

This ruined Trump's weekend!

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Donald Trump has truly disgraced America by treating his presidency more like a vacation than a job he should be honored to have (even though he cheated to get it). More weekends than not, Trump can be found on the golf course instead of working in the White House, avoiding all responsibility. What Trump has done to this country is disgusting, but fortunately America continues to find a way to clap back.

One example of this is what happened during Labor Day weekend last year, when Trump’s extended weekend was ruined pretty much before it even started. In the days before the holiday weekend kicked off, the president was being rightfully pummeled in the media for his continued disrespect of late Republican Senator John McCain. And by the time the weekend was underway, Trump was being blasted at McCain’s funeral by both of his predecessors, former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

But it gets much worse. Trump tried to flee the White House to escape his presidential duties and try to soothe his bruised ego as McCain dominated all the positive media coverage. But despite his best efforts to scurry away and avoid doing his job, Trump couldn’t get away from the fact that America hates him with a passion.


As McCain’s funeral took place, the president tried to play some golf at his Virginia golf course to try and distract himself, but instead a big surprise was waiting for him. Trump was greeted by protesters outside his golf course, as the pool reports stated:

About a dozen protestors set up a series of signs along the sidewalk outside the club including ‘Resign’ and ‘Liar.’ The Trump baby balloons were also out. They shouted ‘resign’ as the motorcade passed.”

“The blue and white sign in the second photo says ‘Putin’s Apprentice’ with the hammer and sickle symbol of the former Soviet Union replacing the ‘u’ in Putin.”

Let’s just say that McCain would have been proud. We can’t think of a better way to insult the undeserving POTUS after the disrespect he showed McCain.

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