Trump Goes Too Far In Executive Meeting, Stuns Audience With Racist Impression Of Chinese People


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Today, Donald Trump once again defended white supremacy when he doubled down on his comments about the “very fine people” (racists) at Charlottesville. And that’s just the latest racist move.

Donald Trump should have been disqualified from the presidency for his history of racism alone. America has known this since the very beginning of Trump’s presidential campaign, but what he did today was a major reminder that the president is not right in the head — and is not fit to lead. And the president’s racism isn’t even reserved for anyone in particular – Trump will go after anyone who isn’t white. Let’s not forget the time the president made an extremely racist gesture while addressing governors earlier this year, which included an impression of Chinese leadership that Trump said was “straight out of central casting.”

The Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale, who was in attendance and absolutely stunned by the president’s behavior, tweeted the president in action:


So much for reducing tension with other countries! Dale also shared the transcript of the story Trump told his audience about China and LaVar Ball:

Racist impressions are nothing new for the president — he also did a racist Chinese impression recently when he announced his “national emergency.”

Trump’s racist behavior and statements are honestly beyond embarrassing at this point. Trump has lowered the standards for presidents so much that it seems ANYONE would be an improvement after the nation has endured The Donald. Trump is making a circus out of his time in the White House, leaving the country so much worse off than when he started.

No president should be doing racist impressions and defending white supremacists. This behavior is what kids get suspended from school over — why isn’t anyone holding the President of the United States accountable?! If Trump is allowed to continue, he will only get worse.

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