Trump Goes On Rage Filled Tweetstorm From Paris, Responds To California Fires By Attacking Forest Officials

There is something seriously wrong with this president.

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Donald Trump has made no secret of the fact that a primary facet of his ability to even deal with the awesome responsibilities of the presidency is to decide on and then apportion blame for anything he decides hasn’t gone the way he thinks it ought to have.

One might be foolish enough to believe that this would extend only to political cock-ups, economic disputes, or maybe a diplomatic faux pas here and there, but that, unfortunately, is just not how this President is wired. Even disasters like hurricanes, droughts and wildfires are somehow the fault of his political enemies, or at least those who have not followed a diagram he inexplicably thinks might prevent or mitigate these things.

For example, Trump hates the state of California. Never mind the fact that Hollywood was the true driver of his fame his entire life, rather than his multiple failed real estate deals, bankrupt casinos, and scam universities across the country. Because California is so populous and has such a large economy — that runs quite well, considering it’s the fifth-largest in the world as of this year — Trump has to cast doubt on how anything is done there, since it is run by a Democratic majority and Democratic governor, and has been since anything started improving there.


So the wildfires currently destroying homes, ruining lives, and uprooting families in California? According to Trump, they must be the product of people doing things in a way he disagrees with:

Apparently, Trump thinks he can menace the fires away, by threatening officials in the state with the promise of the federal government making it harder to fight those fires in the future. Not a word about the climate change exacerbating the fire danger, not a word about the ongoing drought that’s contributed to the severity of the fire.

Not even “thoughts and prayers” for the victims before launching into his attack.

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