Trump Goes On Insane Saturday Morning Tweetstorm After Massive Trade Deal Falls Apart

The only thing Trump is a 'master' at is Twitter tantrums.

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President Trump has a pretty nasty habit of going on a Twitter spree worthy of a scorned 13-year-old anytime something doesn’t quite go his way. The Mueller report alone has caused smartphones across the nation to nearly combust from the sheer number of notifications. It seems that after a massive trade deal with China that Donald was trying to “masterfully” negotiate fell through (because of course it did), he fell back on his typically “therapy” habits — self-medicating through yet another monstrous tweetstorm.

Early this morning, Trump began his Twitter spree by retweeting conservative users that share his safe space over 60 times. The retweets pretty well ran the inventory of Trump passions, ranging from condemnation of the god-awful Democrats to control of our southern border — including tweets from Conservative figures in the media such as Geraldo Rivera and Rep. Jim Jordan.

Trump even made a point to pat his own back by retweeting some of his own, older tweets, including a statement he made Friday stating, “Build your products in the United States and there are NO TARIFFS!”


Donald seemed to wrap up his tantrum around 10 AM his time this morning, drawing things to an end with a fresh, new tweet stating, “Such an easy way to avoid Tariffs? Make or produce your goods and products in the good old USA. It’s very simple!”

We can attribute this massive mental breakdown that appeared before our very eyes to the fact that Trump failed to reach an agreement with Chinese officials on behalf of the US in regards to trade negotiations, causing a 25 percent import tax on $200 billion in Chinese goods to go into effect.

It seems the “master negotiator” isn’t such a master after all. More like a master at public meltdowns.

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