Trump Goes On Creepy Rant About His Daughter, Begs People To Watch Her On Fox News

Ugh this is SO weird!

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America is so used to the president being creepy about his daughter Ivanka by now, it’s almost difficult to be surprised whenever he gushes about her, gives her more responsibility in the White House, or says something wildly inappropriate. These are all things we have come to expect from Donald Trump, sadly, but it still doesn’t make it any less pathetic whenever he does something ridiculous to praise his daughter.

In a move that proves that the president will always be hungry for media attention, Trump thrust his daughter into the spotlight and practically begged Americans to watch her appearance on Fox News later tonight. In a sad tweet, the president praised Ivanka for her “hard work” and posed as his daughter’s publicist. He wrote:

My wonderful daughter, Ivanka, will be interviewed tonight by Steve Hilton on ‘The Next Revolution.’ @FoxNews 9:00 P.M. She works so hard and has achieved so much for the U.S.A.(and gets so little credit!). Then watch Mark Levin at 10:00 P.M., a great show!”

Check out Trump’s tweet below:


Trump continues to do everything he can to drum up attention and business for his family, which is exactly why the president has yet to disconnect from his many businesses (despite promising America that he would) and why Trump decided to put his family members in White House positions that they’re clearly not qualified for. For Trump, he sees any opportunity to promote the interests of his selfish family and sees no problem exploiting his position as POTUS to benefit himself.

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