Trump Gets Roasted After Viral Photo Shows His Belly Nearly Bursting From His Clothes During Banquet With Queen

That thing is going to explode!

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For Donald Trump to be such a vain son of a gun, he really has let his less than flattering looks go on display as of late. Yesterday, Donald showed up unannounced at McLean Bible Church, supposedly to “pray” for the victims of the recent shooting in Virginia. He walked on stage in khakis, a polo, and a jacket, and that hair of his was an absolute sight to behold as he held his golf hat in his hands. But before we even had a chance to contain our collective laughter, yet another image of the Trumpster made its rounds today that had us all in fits of giggles all over again.

While attending the royal state banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth II, Trump was bursting out of his shirt. Literally. Donald was dressed in the typical black-tie attire, including a tailcoat, waistcoat, and bowtie. And for someone that claims to only weigh 239 pounds, the buttons on that get up are SCREAMING.


In the photos that are quickly making the rounds, much to Donald’s disdain we’re sure, you can actually see the material straining against his body as the poor little buttons hold on for dear life. The front of his tailcoat doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell at coming anywhere near closed, either. And the tailcoat as a whole seems extremely too short on his rotund figure.

Andrew Weinstein even compared the photo of Donald to one of Obama at the same dinner stating, “Spot the difference”:

All in all, he looks strikingly similar to the “Pop the Pig” game you see in preschools. You know, the one where you keep “feeding” the pig hamburgers until his belly pops out of his jacket?

To say the least, Twitter naturally had a field day with the whole ordeal:

Lord have mercy, he looks mighty uncomfortable. Let’s just hope he skipped dessert.

Featured image via screen capture 

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