Trump Gets Questioned About His Affair With Stormy Daniels, His Reaction Says It All

How can any of Trump's supporters say he is innocent after this?!

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Adult film star Stormy Daniels has caused a world of trouble for Donald Trump since she broke her silence about how the president cheated on First Lady Melania with her nearly right after they’d gotten married.

When that bombshell hit, it caused a major sh*tstorm for Trump, and it continues to as Daniels’ claims have turned into a full-blown investigation into the president’s mishandling of finances and hush money payments. And no matter what Trump does, he cannot seem to distract America for long enough while his scandals catch up with him.

Trump’s past affair with Daniels continues to come back and bite him in the a**, as the president continues to get grilled for it and other women have come forward since. It’s worth revisiting one brilliant moment that occurred after the scandal broke, which pretty much solved the mystery of whether or not Daniels’ allegations were true. While we know much more solid information about Trump’s affairs now, this piece of footage was nearly like a confession from Trump.


In the video below, you will see Trump leaving the White House as he’s questioned by reporters. One particular reporter questioned the president about Daniels specifically, only to be met with a rare reaction from Trump. As Trump walked across the South Lawn to Marine One, the Washington Examiner’s Steve Nelson shouted, “Did you have sex with a porn star?” Twice. Trump’s response gave it all away.

Trump usually can’t help himself from denying his bad behavior or attacking his critics when reporters ask. However in this case, Trump refused to even stop or give a response. This is classic Trump behavior — to dance around or avoid answering the media when he’s hiding something. And now that we know much more about Trump’s extramarital activity, this was surely a telling sign. You can watch Trump flee reporters below:

Featured image via screen capture

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