Trump Erupts After Comedy Skit Humiliates Him; His Impersonator Has The Most Perfect Response

This is exactly how one should handle a bully like Trump.

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Donald Trump’s bullying of others has very serious consequences, as we saw yesterday. Not too long after the President of the United States attacked Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, her office was forced to evacuate due to receiving a package labeled “anthrax” on Tuesday.

Trump attacked her because she stood up to his inhumane policies, and it likely inspired his supporters to attack her. Trump and his White House are completely incapable of taking constructive criticism. Even when the Trump administration is approached respectfully, Trump absolutely loses it. The perfect example of this is what happened to the cast of Hamilton, when they tried to politely confront Vice President Mike Pence at a show in 2016. In response, the president publicly harassed the “very rude” cast and demanded that they should apologize:


Trump attacked the cast of Hamilton the next day as well, and broadened his attacks after seeing a skit on SNL in which actor Alec Baldwin impersonated him and taunted him for not being able to carry out his “presidential duties.” Trump responded by dragging the cast again:

Then, Trump made the fatal mistake of going after SNL and Baldwin for the hilarious depiction of his breakdown as President of the United States. Trump tweeted:

I watched parts of Saturday Night Live last night. It is a totally one-sided, biased show – nothing funny at all. Equal time for us?”

What Trump probably didn’t expect was Baldwin’s immediate response. Baldwin wasted no time giving Trump a brutal reality check, firing back at Trump:

Equal time? Election is over. There is no more equal time. Now you try to be President and people respond. That’s pretty much it.”

Absolutely brilliant – and that was just the beginning. Baldwin went on for several more tweets, telling Trump exactly what he would do if he were POTUS, putting Trump to shame:

After seeing how badly Trump’s presidency has gone, we seriously wish Baldwin could have just been POTUS instead. But Baldwin was lucky in this instance, in that Trump’s supporters did not come after him like they did with Waters. Then again, Baldwin is a white man and Waters is a black woman — the perfect target for Trump’s racist followers. Trump’s minions are dangerous and whenever the president incites violence against someone, they are more than happy to act.

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