Trump Encourages Aides To Break The Law To Build His Border Wall, Promises Pardons

Can we impeach him already?!

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Trump’s border wall has been little more than a complete and utter failure since the first day he promised the damn thing during his racist 2016 presidential campaign. Here we are more than halfway through 2019 and there is no border wall, Mexico isn’t paying for a damn thing, and all he’s done is lock innocent children in cages.

To say the least, this border wall debacle has become a huge stain on Trump’s racist presidential campaign. And considering it was one of his biggest selling points with his equally racist base, if not the biggest, it seems he’s become so desperate to get it dealt with before the 2020 election that he’s willing to do pretty much anything at this point — including encouraging his aides to outright break the law.

According to a new report from the Washington Post, Donald has ordered his officials to do whatever it takes to get that wall up before he’s facing the 2020 election and has even gone so far as to promise them all pardons should they break the law in the process.


Both current and former officials that are involved in Trump’s border wall project have informed newspapers that the president is directing officials to completely ignore environmental regulations, push through approval for billions of dollars in funding as quickly as possible, and seize private land along the border to make room for his wall.

Throughout his time as president Trump has repeatedly peddled the claim that miles and miles of the wall are currently under construction, yet has been disproven at every turn. So far, only around 60 out of 2000 plus miles of the border have seen any construction, all of which has been replacement of an existing structure rather than a new wall.

Trump has been shot down by Democrats and some Republicans over and over again and it seems that he’s now literally resorting to whatever it takes. He’s as desperate as they come.

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