Trump Drags Obama Into His Fight With Joe Biden, Makes Himself Look Like A Complete Moron

What was he thinking?!

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Donald Trump only becomes more unhinged with time, as his bad decisions compound and he gets himself into even more trouble. Never one to sit back and refrain from picking a fight when he should just be quiet, Trump has been all over the topic of former Vice President and the recent accounts of inappropriate behavior from women who have been in contact with him.

This should have been a topic that Trump stayed silent on considering that he is by far the worst offender of them all, with several cases of sexual assault (one involving a minor) against him and having even admitted to sexually assaulting women on camera. But because he lacks self-awareness, Trump has been attacking Biden more since those accusations came out and even called himself a “very good messenger.”

When Trump was recently asked how he felt about Biden calling him a “tragedy in two acts”, the president fired right back and brought former President Barack Obama into the argument — which was a big mistake.  Trump insulted them both with this very misguided statement:


Part of the reason I’m here is because of him and President Obama. If they did a good job, I probably wouldn’t be president.”

You can watch that video below:

It is absolutely insane for Trump to say that, as he continuously forgets that he actually LOST the popular vote and that the majority of America did NOT want him to be elected. Many Americans who were polled had stated that if Obama could have been elected for a third term, they would have gladly voted for him. Not to mention, so many Americans still really want Biden to run for POTUS in 2020. Trump seems to live in his own world, forgetting the facts because he is so caught up in his own narcissism. And every single time, he makes himself look like a fool.

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