Trump Does The Unthinkable During Official Meeting, Shocks Audience With Racist Impression Of Chinese People

Because that's the best way to 'negotiate.'

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President Donald Trump’s racist behavior literally knows no bounds. And he’s made it clear that his racism certainly isn’t limited to one particular group, either. He locks brown children in cages, he wants to paint his cruel border wall black and equip it with spikes to ensure that it does bodily harm, and he’s repeatedly doubled down on his remarks about the “very fine people” at Charlottesville.

To say the least, his belief that his chalky orange skin tone makes him superior to other human beings should be enough to kick his ass out of the Oval Office he weaseled his way into alone. Sometimes with everything going on in the dumpster fire that is America these days, it’s easy to forget just how often Trump is cruel, insensitive, and downright racist to anyone that isn’t white. But this particular instance from earlier this year is a damn good reminder.

Trump was addressing governors earlier in the year when he made a staggeringly racist gesture in the form of an impression of Chinese leadership that Trump said was  “straight out of central casting.”


A reporter for the Toronto Star, Daniel Dale, was in attendance at the address and was completely stunned and disgusted by the president’s outright racist behavior and tweeted his behavior live:

Dale also shared a transcript of a store told by president Trump to his audience about China and LaVar Ball:

Of course, racist impressions have pretty much become the norm for the president, who proudly did another racist Chinese impression when declaring his “national emergency.”

As if we don’t have enough going on with China. Considering the tariff mess and all-out trade war Trump has induced with the country, let’s just hope that they aren’t reminded of this.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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