Trump Crumbles Under Pressure, Source Reveals POTUS Looking To Replace Defense Secretary James Mattis

Trump is so unhinged right now, there's no telling what he will do.

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After Donald Trump had a particularly unhinged morning, another bombshell has America on edge. The Washington Post has just reported that Trump may be looking to get rid of Defense Secretary James Mattis, which would be terrifying considering how unstable and erratic Trump has recently become.

On the same day that Trump freaked out on Twitter about Bob Woodward’s tell-all book and was reportedly throwing a temper tantrum and blaming his own team for the book’s release, Post columnist Josh Rogin reported that the White House has compiled a list of possible replacements for Mattis.

According to Rogin, the informal list of Mattis replacements has existed for weeks, but the president has made no major decisions. White House officials believe Mattis may leave his role in Trump’s White House within the next few months, although it’s not clear if Mattis will be leaving on his own or if Trump will be firing him.


Trump sounded off on the report nearly as soon as it was released, stating that he was “very happy” with Mattis and that “he’ll stay.” Trump said:

I think he’s a terrific person. He’s doing a fantastic job as secretary. We’re having a lot of victories, we’re having victories that people don’t even know about, and he’s highly respected all over the world.”

However, a senior White House official stated that although Trump “always respected” Mattis, his search for someone new is “more real than ever.” The scary thing is, Trump may become influenced as he stews over Woodward’s book — because Mattis is one of the senior advisors that were named in Woodward’s damaging claims about Trump, particularly for his comments that Trump had the understanding of a “fifth- or sixth-grader.”

While Mattis denied those comments, Trump was visibly furious about it in his tweets this morning and it’s safe to say the president won’t be calming down anytime soon. No one would be surprised if Trump works himself into another fit of rage and fires Mattis while he’s hot-headed.

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