Trump Congratulates Melania For “Be Best” Campaign With Strangest Kiss Ever, Leaves Everyone Perplexed

Now this is WEIRD!

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Today is First Lady Melania Trump’s one-year anniversary of her Be Best anti-bullying campaign and it’s far from a celebration. The anniversary and event was already a humiliation for the First Lady considering that her husband ruins her campaign on a daily basis by being the biggest cyber bully in the country, but now the event is getting more negative press due to Donald Trump’s extremely awkward interaction (and kiss) with his wife at the festivities.

During the event, Trump went to “congratulate” his wife on her Be Best initiative, and did something that most loving husbands probably wouldn’t do. Ever the embodiment of warmth and affection (that’s sarcasm), the president grabbed the sides of his wife’s shoulders and gave her a kiss on the cheek for her accomplishment. The moment was so strange that people completely forgot that Melania has barely accomplished anything in the White House, as Twitter went mad about how awkward the interaction was. You can see photos in the link below:


Many couldn’t help but bring up how this was a very odd interaction for a husband and wife to have:

There were even painful comparisons to how the president treats his own daughter, Ivanka, which seems far more loving (or lustful).

Once again, another event for Melania has been upstaged by her husband. And once again, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Featured image via screen capture

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