Trump Campaign Responds To Cohen’s Testimony, America Is In Disbelief Over It


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Donald Trump and his campaign are absolutely freaking out of Michael Cohen’s testimony, which delivered several bombshells that the president and his team wouldn’t have wanted to get out earlier today.

After listening to Cohen expose the president nonstop, the president’s re-election campaign responded to the testimony, issuing a statement that called Trump’s former personal lawyer a “felon”, a “convicted perjurer”, and asked Congress why they’d even bother to swear him in. Trump 2020 press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said:

Michael Cohen is a felon, a disbarred lawyer, and a convicted perjurer, who lied to both Congress and the Special Counsel in a ‘deliberate and premeditated’ fashion according to the Special Counsel’s Office. Now he offers what he says is evidence, but the only support for that is his own testimony, which has proven before to be worthless.”

The irony of the Trump campaign questioning someone’s honesty and integrity is seriously laughable, but they’re obviously counting on Trump’s gullible supporters to buy it. In her statement, McEnany also pointed out Cohen’s “wide array of crimes [that] were ‘marked by a pattern of deception that permeated his professional life’ and his ‘instinct to blame others is strong.’” She asked:


Why did they even bother to swear him in this time?”

Now, no one would expect Trump or his team to actually own up to anything that Cohen said and accused the president of, but even this response is crazy. In reaction to the response from the president’s inner circle, Americans responded with outrage that the Trump’s re-election campaign actually thought this was an appropriate response.

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