Trump Busted Lying About “Working” At Camp David As Photographers Catch Him Still Wearing His Golf Shoes

Come on, man. We KNOW you're golfing.

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Once again, Donnie the Duffer can’t manage to go even a few days without hitting the links, this time at Camp David over the weekend, where he insisted he was working hard at presidenting the whole time.

The weekend was intended to be a working retreat with his advisers, where they were scheduled to discuss escalating tensions with Iran — something we’re not certain we want him discussing with the war-mongers in his Cabinet, anyway — and this morning, he even tweeted about what a nice church service he attended at the presidential retreat, although we’re not sure if it’s because he enjoyed the homily or because he was thankful not to burst into flames as he passed the first pews:


But pictures taken when the President stepped off Marine One back in Washington, D.C. paint a picture of a man who had just finished at least nine holes. White House press reports had him already at his resort in Sterling, Virginia just a couple hours after his church tweet, so he was either lying about having attended church, or he rushed as fast as any man ever has to settle his fat ass into a golf cart for the morning.

Just three hours later, Trump was snapped as he strolled across the White House lawn, still in golf spikes:

But as I note every time we’re forced to write about him lying and saying he’s working, I’m not even mad. If he’s playing golf, he’s not ordering more child torture at the border, rolling back more environmental regulations, or bombing any countries in the Middle East.

Still, for every five times Trump says he’s about to hunker down and get to the real work of being President, I’d say he actually does about FORE.

Featured image via screen capture

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