Trump Bragged About Putting A Group Of Senators Together To Work On Healthcare. He Lied, It Doesn’t Exist.

Of course he lied.

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One of Trump’s biggest campaign promises has been dismantling “Obamacare” and replacing it with something “even better.” It came in just short of promising to build a wall across the southern border and forcing Mexico to pay for it. We all know how that promise panned out, lest we forget the longest government shutdown in the history of the nation. Now it seems that his promises on healthcare are following the same trend.

Trump has spent the last several days bragging about tearing down the Affordable Care Act but hasn’t had much to say in regards to its replacement — other than simply claiming that he has a Senate working group on healthcare. But lo and behold, that Senate working group doesn’t exist.

CNN White House reporter Jeremy Diamond revealed today that this supposed group of individuals delegated to fixing our healthcare is just a concoction of Trump’s diseased brain.


“The president talked yesterday about four or five Republican senators he was putting together to try and advance this issue,” stated Diamond, “to try and get some kind of a replacement for ObamaCare if indeed this ruling striking down the entirety of the health care law is indeed upheld.”

“But we spoke with several sources on Capitol Hill and at the White House,” the CNN reporter continued. “It does not appear such a working group exists in any form or fashion.” According to Diamond, he has actually spoken with the offices of the Senators Trump claimed to have working on the issue, but none of them could “mention the existence of any kind of working group.”

Diamond continued to raise more questions about Trump’s mental health: “One Republican senator told me specifically that it appears that the president was simply talking about individuals he has talked to about health care. But as far as the existence of an actual working group to come up with a replacement, it doesn’t appear that that is the case.” It’s this causing everyone to wonder if Donald has finally, completely detached from all reality and merely lives only inside his own fantasy now.

Diamond added, “And that is where we find this administration. Pushing this position to fully invalidate ObamaCare through the courts without actually having any kind of a replacement ready to go.”

Someone needs to remind POTUS that just because you think it, doesn’t mean it’s true.

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