Trump Begins His Sunday Morning By Going On The Attack, Taunts Democrats

It's how he's gotten things his whole life: By bullying.

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The huge raids scheduled to begin in cities across America by immigration authorities and ICE were postponed yesterday by Donald Trump, ostensibly “at the request of Democrats,” as the President tweeted yesterday afternoon:

Of course, viewed through the lens of literally everything Trump has ever done as President, doing something out of the goodness of his heart to accommodate the opposition party seems completely out of character. So much so, in fact, that many believe his decision was based instead on the Vice President’s upcoming “Latinos for Trump” campaign set to begin shortly in one of the biggest cities on the list of raid targets, Miami.


Thomas Wenski, the Archbishop of Miami told PBS Newshour that the postponement would provide a “reprieve [but] not a solution,” and that he had no doubt that Trump’s decision may have been largely based on how bad it would have looked before an outreach campaign aimed squarely at the community his administration is targeting with the raids.

Then Sunday morning, Trump continued the threatening, taunting stance he’d struck the day before:

It’s not really a secret that Trump doesn’t want to “give the Democrats a chance” to do anything but comply with exactly what he wants to see happen at the border. When he says “probably won’t happen,” what he’s doubting isn’t that Democrats will come to the table with something, it’s that he doubts they’ll do what he wants — fund the border wall completely and without delay.

If that’s what he’s aiming for, he can forget “probably.” That’s NEVER going to happen.

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