Trump Appears To Feel Sorry For Ivanka, Tweets: “So Cute! Her Father Is Under Siege, For No Reason, Since His First Day In Office!”

Cue the collective cringe.

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Trump’s oldest daughter/secret wife hasn’t had much to say in the wake of her daddy’s impeachment inquiry. While her brothers have been jumping to his defense with various levels of nonsense for the last handful of days, Ivanka has kept her demure, mouse-like persona about herself — no doubt in hopes that America and Congress will believe she was little more than an innocent bystander to her daddy’s clusterfuckery when all of the shit finally hits the fans.

Because, might I remind you, impeachment inquiries aside, entities such as the Southern District of New York are far from finished with the Trump family.

But while it seems that Ivanka wants to steer clear of the drama surrounding her father right now, it also appears that she doesn’t want to lose her trust fund either.


So she took to her Twitter account to give Daddy dearest an innocent little shoutout in the midst of him losing his shit.

“Thank you, Mr. President!” Ivanka’s tweet read, captioning a photo of her father giving a fist pump.

And while it seems like daddy’s little girl was really just trying to stay out of the mess, Trump wasn’t having that.

Donald retweeted his daughter’s simple post and found a way to use it to his advantage amid the biggest presidential scandal of not only his presidency but perhaps history.

“So cute!” Trump’s caption of the retweet read. “Her father is under siege, for no reason, since his first day in office!”

First and foremost, “So cute!” is so creepy. Ivanka Trump is 37. Save that for your incestuous private life, please. Secondly, nobody cares that your ignorant daughter-turned-White House advisor is being caught in the crossfires. That’s her own damn fault.

Twitter had some thoughts:

The “cute” daughter card isn’t going to save you, Trump. She’s not four and you’re a piece of shit who’s about to pay.

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