Trump And Jeff Sessions Forced To Have Meeting After Blowout, Republicans Stunned By What Happened

This is not how anyone expected this meeting to go!

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After a major blowout between Donald Trump and his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, the two politicians were forced to stand in the same room yesterday during a meeting on prison reform. Any guesses how that might have turned out?

As a refresher, this whole thing started when Trump recently trashed Sessions during an interview with Fox News reporter Ainsley Earhardt. Trump said:

I put an Attorney General that never took control at the Justice Department, Jeff Sessions, never took control at the Justice Department. It’s sort of an incredible thing. We have this country going so well. Mike Pompeo is doing incredibly, all of my people, they’re doing incredibly. But the whole thing going on with Justice and the FBI… If you took a poll in the FBI, I guarantee you one thing: I’d do very well.”

This prompted Session to fire back at the president with his own statement:


No one could have predicted how this prison reform meeting might go with an unhinged president like Trump, but the results surprised everyone. According to a new report, Trump and Sessions seemingly decided to ignore the meltdown between them in favor of a more productive meeting.

Axios’ Jonathan Swan reported that numerous sources recalled Trump and Sessions did not address the very obvious tension between them during the meeting. A source said:

No acknowledgment, not even a passing mention” of the morning’s events. “To the point where I don’t even know if he [Trump] was aware of his [Sessions’] statement.”

Seeing Trump resist an opportunity to attack one of his critics is pretty rare, and time will tell if Trump has really moved on. Our instincts say that while Trump may have pretended to be an adult during this meeting, that he will make up for it on Twitter later.

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