Trump Administration In Disarray After Special Counsel’s Office Opens Investigation Into Their Dealings With Saudi Arabia

Trump's administration is crumbling before his eyes.

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It looks like the Office of the Special Counsel isn’t quite finished with their investigations after all.

According to The Daily Beast, the office has opened a new investigation into the Trump administration based on their attempts to negotiate a nuclear agreement with the Saudi Arabian government.

The office is specifically “looking at whether officials were retaliated against for raising concerns about the administration’s work related to a Saudi nuclear deal.” Reportedly, the office is reviewing “potentially improper dealings by senior members of the Trump administration in their attempt to map out a nuclear deal with Riyadh.”


The Office of the Special Counsel is an independent prosecutorial agency — which gives them the jurisdiction to file motions for both disciplinary as well as corrective action while reporting any violations of the law directly to the Attorney General.

The nuclear deal that the Special Counsel’s Office is looking into, which was first reported last month, involves sharing secret information on reactor technology with the Saudi Arabian government. The matter has been so controversial that Senators from both parties have been leery of the deal — demanding to know more details of the agreement, which so far they haven’t been given.

This information is especially pertinent now as key members of Trump’s family and administration are currently under the microscope. Both Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have been closely scrutinized for conducting government business over personal email and WhatsApp accounts. To add to that, Kushner has personally been criticized for the fact that he has a top-secret security clearance, given to him directly by the president against national security advice, even though it’s been well-known that Kushner has a shady association with the Saudi Arabian government.

As we suspected, it appears that Trump, as well as his administration, jumped on the vindication train just a little too early. They should have known that this was far from over. We bet Donald isn’t so eager to scream “EXONERATED” anymore now that he’s watching his entire administration unravel.

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