Top Democrat Is Crashing Trump’s El Paso Rally, POTUS Is Going To Be Furious

Trump's going to HATE this.

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Donald Trump is probably getting excited about his ridiculous rally in El Paso on Monday night. But what’s going to put a major damper on the president’s parade is the fact that Democrat Beto O’Rourke is ALSO going to be holding an event — at the same time, right across the street!

O’Rourke isn’t backing down now that the president is holding his rally in O’Rourke’s hometown. At 7 pm on Monday evening (the same time as Trump’s rally), O’Rourke has full intention to lead a march through the city and speak at a “Celebration of El Paso” event, which will be held right across the street from Trump’s event. And while Trump’s event is going to be motivated by racism and highlight his pathetic lost cause of a border wall, O’Rourke’s event is going to have speakers and music that will celebrate El Paso as a diverse community.

And that’s not all. Earlier in the day, O’Rourke will participate in a conference call to “denounce Trump’s campaign rally in El Paso and his fixation on a racist and useless border wall.”


While O’Rourke has yet to make an official announcement about whether or not he will be someone to contend against Trump in the 2020 election, there’s no question that the president already feels threatened by the popular Democrat. O’Rourke has stated he would make an announcement by the end of February.

If what O’Rourke wrote last night on Medium was any indication, it looks as though Trump is going to have a terrible day on Monday. O’Rourke wrote:

Monday we will welcome the president to one of the safest cities in the United States. Safe not because of walls, and not in spite of the fact that we are a city of immigrants. Safe because we are a city of immigrants and because we treat each other with dignity and respect.”

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