Tone-Deaf Trump Holds $100K Per Plate Fundraiser As Eastern Seaboard Evacuates From Massive Hurricane

This is just how he rolls.

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Donald Trump is nothing if not consistent in his shamelessness. But even America, which has gotten used to watching him golf on our dime, lie so much that major newspapers have to keep a running tally, and constantly attack the First Amendment for everyone but him, could never prepare for the kind of absolutely oblivious garbage Trump does seemingly without a second thought.

Take his upcoming fundraiser, for example.


That’s the email blast that supporters got in advance of tonight’s dinner. The minimum donation amount on the form is for dinner only, at a cost of $35,000 per couple.

If you want to get really elite, in-person access to the President, however, you’re gonna have to shell out a hundred grand per person to attend the swanky affair, which is being held at — you guessed it — the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.

Nevermind that most of the east coast is struggling to find a store with water for sale. Nevermind that the Trump International is already ground zero for non-stop allegations of violations of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

It seems almost perverse, in a campaign finance reality where left-leaning candidates proudly display their non-corporate bona fides and declare their freedom from being beholden to the rich and powerful as they seek elected office, to watch as Trump gleefully accepts checks from those who know that his continued presidency will only make them ultimately more able to write checks for such exorbitant amounts.

More perverse, however, is that he’s doing it all as America suffers, as he refuses to declare a state of emergency in areas that didn’t vote for him, as hundreds of thousands fear they’ll lose everything they have in what is promised to be a mega-catastrophe of Biblical proportions.

It’s ironic, then, that today Trump would be facing the possibility that he may not be able to even serve champagne with the lobster and caviar that will undoubtedly be dished up on golden plates for his rich benefactors this evening. A District of Columbia ordinance requires “good moral character” in order to maintain a liquor license, and interested parties have already amended their complaint that would stymie Trump’s effort to renew his hotel’s certification based on new examples of the President’s immorality that roll in day by day.

Let’s have a champagne-less toast to America never having to “get used” to this behavior again.

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