The Reason Trump Chose His New Chief Of Staff Is Extremely Disturbing, Proves How Incompetent POTUS Really Is

This is seriously INSANE.

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With Chief of Staff John Kelly’s departure, Donald Trump was left with yet another position in his empty White House to fill, which continues to be a challenge for the president because almost no one wants to work for him.

Trump’s day began with embarrassment as it was reported earlier that former New Jersey governor Chris Christie had been a choice for Trump, but he’d turned it down (along with several others who didn’t want to work for Trump). Trump obviously got furious after this and made a very classic, desperate move and picked budget chief Mick Mulvaney because he just happened to be in the White House at the moment for an unrelated meeting.


As if that reason wasn’t disturbing enough, it gets worse. Mulvaney has been chosen as Trump’s “acting chief of staff” because Trump and Mulvaney have a working relationship where Mulvaney won’t check him or tell him “no” — and Mulvaney is completely willing to dumb down complex issues so Trump can understand them. Axios wrote:

White House insiders expect Mulvaney to get the permanent gig. But Trump keeps control and doesn’t fully empower his guy, reminding Mulvaney who the real chief of staff is: No funny business like General John Kelly tried to pull, restricting enablers’ access to POTUS.”

The Washington Post noted that Mulvaney is completely fine with treating Trump like a toddler. The Post wrote:

Mulvaney has an easy rapport with Trump, often taking large charts and colorful graphics into the Oval Office to explain fiscal policy, administration officials said.”

No wonder Trump picked him. The last thing this country needs is someone who is going to bend over backward for Trump. Unfortunately, that’s exactly who the president chose.

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