The Obamas Make Anti-Trump Statement Without Even Saying His Name In New Netflix Documentary

And that's how you call someone out with grace, folks.

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Michelle and Barack Obama were the last glimpses of dignity and respect that this country and our White House will see for a while now that Bone Spurs-in-chief has taken his undeserved place as the “leader” of this once great nation.

And while Trump is out here continuing to make the whole damn world hate us, throwing tantrums because he wants us to buy him another country to ruin, and shitposting on Twitter all day every day, the Obamas are out here still killing it.

The most recent endeavor by the former first couple is their branch into a Netflix documentary titled “American Factory” which follows the chairman of a Chinese auto glass company who is visiting one of his factories in Dayton, Ohio as an aide walks him around pointing out different departments of the factory that will soon replace its employees with robotic alternatives.


“We’re hoping to cancel four workers in July or August,” the aide stated to the chairman in the film. “They are too slow.”

This scene and many more similar to it throughout the documentary is representative of the fallout experienced by hopeful American employees when Shanghai-based Fuyao Glass took over an abandoned American GM plant and rehired several of its old workers — who were optimistic and excited in the beginning, only to be left struggling and disappointed when they were bringing home a fraction of their pay, suffering under horrid working conditions, and their jobs were no longer protected by a union.

Considering that Trump has been all about the “jobs” he promised to create (yet unsurprisingly never followed through on), it was easy to see that Michelle and Barack were sending a thinly-veiled message to both the president and the American people about what they can expect should Donald be allowed another term in the White House.

Politico stated in their report on the documentary:

“The documentary, which debuts on Netflix on August 21, never mentions President Donald Trump by name—but its message is clear: Trump’s promise to reinvigorate the industrial heartland is going to take a lot more than a campaign slogan. There are no easy solutions. And if some manufacturing jobs do come back, they’re going to look nothing like they used to. Americans will have to accept a new reality to stay competitive in the global marketplace—one that they might not like, and one that Trump doesn’t acknowledge.”

Let’s face it, folks, no one takes a dignified dig at Donald Trump quite like the Obamas do. Bravo.

Featured image via Joint Base Andrews/Senior Airman Ryan Sonnier

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