The Man Standing Between Trump And Mueller Expects To Be Fired By POTUS; Americans Hold Their Breath

What happens next will directly impact our country.

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President Donald Trump has been at war with much of his administration during his short time in the White House. He has already exceeded any previous staff turnover records and much of his White House remains vacant despite being under pressure to fill positions. While Trump has fired several of his administration members, there have also been a fair amount of resignations thanks to his horrendous leadership, and the administration has just suffered another loss. Trump’s Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, will no longer be with the Trump administration in the near future.

Earlier today, Axios reported that Rosenstein verbally resigned to Chief of Staff John Kelly, as he was anticipating being fired by the president. A source close to Rosenstein said, “He’s expecting to be fired,” and planned to step down beforehand. But more recently, there have been reports that Rosenstein will actually be fired by Trump.


There are conflicting reports at the moment, but we know that Trump is likely tickled pink to be getting rid of Rosenstein, whether it is by firing or a resignation. Most recently, Rosenstein denied a report by the New York Times, which stated that Rosenstein had worn a wire during meetings with the president, and had spoken about invoking the 25th Amendment last year.

Things have been tense between Rosenstein and the president, to begin with. As Rosenstein had been overseeing the Russia probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Trump will be relieved that there is one less obstacle in his way. Unfortunately, that’s not very good news for America.

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