The FBI Probe Into Kavanaugh Allegations Ignored Testimonies From Witnesses And Accusers In Phony Investigation

The investigation was a total sham.

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As the Senate prepares to vote on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, more and more is becoming known about the FBI investigation that was requested by the Democrats and ordered by President Donald Trump. None of it looks like an actual investigation.

According to multiple reports, the White House forbade the FBI from investigating any reports of Kavanaugh’s drinking when he was younger — a significant omission, since a large part of the argument against him was that his behavior, odd-seeming to those who know him now, was brought on by drunkenness in his high school and college days and into adulthood.


Not only was the FBI restricted from looking into any claims about the frequency or effects of Kavanaugh’s apparent chronic drinking, but they were prohibited from looking into even whether he had lied under oath about his drinking before the Senate Judiciary.

That’s not an investigation — that’s a preordained result with a Department of Justice stamp on it.

It makes perfect sense that law enforcement would be prohibited from determining whether Kavanaugh’s drinking was more excessive than he told the Senate, as lying under oath would be immediately disqualifying and any proof that he had would force Republicans to back off his nomination and seek a different candidate.

But it wasn’t just his drinking that the FBI failed to look into.

Numerous accounts have reported that dozens of witnesses both offered by the legal teams of the women who accused Kavanaugh and people who simply came forward with material evidence of their own accord were rebuffed by the FBI — either turned away or never contacted in the first place.

The FBI did not interview Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and the White House prevented them from even interviewing Kavanaugh himself — a sure sign that they saw the potential for not just losing their nominee, but that he might be charged with lying to the FBI, as so many Trump associates have been already in the Russia probe.

And apart from all of that, there is an accuser — Julie Swetnick, represented by Michael Avenatti — who was never allowed to give her own account of an actual attack.

It may be that Kavanaugh will be confirmed unless a few Republicans find their consciences. It may be that the only recourse is to impeach him from the bench for his lies under oath once Democrats regain control of Congress.  But history will not treat the overseers of this “investigation” kindly.

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