Ted Cruz Tries To Do Facebook Live Session, Gets Humiliated When It Goes Horribly Wrong

This is the funniest thing out of Camp Cruz all campaign.

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Ted Cruz just cannot stop making an ass of himself.

I could leave this article right there and feel pretty confident that my readers would understand that Ted’s 2018 reelection campaign has just been blunder after blunder, compounded by the fact that compared to his opponent, he is hopelessly uncool… well, let’s face it — he’s a dork. Ted Cruz is probably the biggest dork ever to hold public office. The Steve Urkel of the Senate. The Dwight Shrute of D.C. The Cosmo Kramer of Congress.

But Ted’s gone above and beyond this time.


Appearing in a live chat with radio host Mark Davis, a self-described “libertarian” who supports the Wars on Drugs and Terror (making him a pretty standard right-winger), Ted ran into some technical difficulties while attempting to simultaneously broadcast a Facebook Live video during the show.

And when we say everything went sideways from there, we’re not exaggerating — the screen literally flipped sideways, upside-down, went shaky cam, was covered with fingers, and at one point, the camera on the iPhone being used to film the episode flipped to the front camera and displayed the intern who was running the show’s forehead as she attempted to sort out what was going on.

The entire time, Ted offered hilarious suggestions like “okay, don’t put your hand over the camera” and “just hold it vertical and ignore what it tells you.” Then Ted tells his audience, “Don’t ask us to come and set up the WiFi in your house. We would mess it up badly.”

Of course, setting up WiFi requires more than a single finger to press “record.”

The saddest part of all is just how successfully his opponent has utilized the Facebook Live feature, going completely viral as he skateboarded around the parking lot of a Whataburger in one video and absolutely smashing the air drums to The Who’s “Baba O’Reilly” in another — all of it just serving to amplify how relentlessly, aggressively dorky Ted Cruz is every single day.

Watch the spectacle:

Featured image via screen capture

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