Ted Cruz Gets Brutally Heckled At The Airport And It’s All Caught On Camera

The biggest coward of them all.

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Lyin’ Ted Cruz can’t seem to catch a break lately. After his dismal performance in the debate a few nights ago against his opponent Beto O’Rourke, a video that’s now gone viral is haunting Ted even more than his blistering 6-second silence after he was stumped by a question about basically whether or not he was a human being.

Activists caught up with the Texas Senator in the airport on Monday and proceeded to grill him on his unrelenting support of accused sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh during his brutal Supreme Court confirmation process.

Although the women whose voices can be heard in the video are not identified, it is assumed they are affiliated with the Center for Popular Democracy, the group responsible for confronting other Republican Senators in Reagan National Airport just a few weeks ago, including Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker, and David Perdue, all associated with their support for Kavanaugh and how poorly that reflects on what they must think of their women constituents.


As Cruz shuffles his way through the airport, he attempts to engage with the women who are demanding answers about his support for the Associate Justice, who is known to have lied under oath on multiple occasions, and who faced allegations from no fewer than six different women, but who was ultimately confirmed by Republicans who were simply eager to score a political “win,” regardless of the long-term cost to the Supreme Court’s ethical reputation and appearance as an impartial body.

At the beginning of the video, Cruz tells the women he believes putting Kavanaugh on the high court is a “victory for America,” to which the unseen woman responds,

Putting a sexual assaulter on the court is a victory for women?”

Another woman asks him, “So you believe in men assaulting women?” Ted stutters as he blurts out, “I believe in due process.”

Of course, due process was in no way served or observed by the Republicans — including Ted Cruz — who rushed through his confirmation and helped to stifle the FBI investigation into his lies about his drinking habits and the calendar he presented at the hearing as “evidence.”

Watch Ted smugly think he can just answer these women back without addressing his massive hypocrisy:

Featured image via screen capture

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