Steve Bannon Lashes Out At Trump, Exposes What It Was Like To Work With Him In The White House

Trump did not see this coming.

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As usual, Donald Trump’s former employees can’t get enough of turning on him and exposing what a terrible person he is. The crazy thing is, once they’ve left the White House, the tell-alls never stop. Even after writing books and giving numerous interviews about how dysfunctional the White House is, Trump’s former administration members just continue to bash him.

Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has been out of the White House for quite a while and he still hasn’t purged himself of Trump or reached any sort of peace since being freed from the president’s grasp. Bannon continues to expose how miserable he was while working for Trump, and he’s exposing it in “The Brink,” a new documentary film being premiered at Sundance Film Festival.

“The Brink” highlights Bannon’s life as an advocate for right-wing “populist” causes, and he used it as an opportunity to further damage his former boss’ reputation. In the film, he said:


There’s no glamour to the job. I hated every second I was there. The West Wing has bad karma to it. They say, ‘Because you were doing bad stuff!’ But I was doing the Lord’s work.”

However, Bannon also acknowledged that Trump will have a major impact on America and the world:

Donald Trump is a historical figure and a transformative president. Donald Trump will be in your personal life 30 years from now, whether you like it or not.”

At one point, he even strong criticized the Trump administration’s terrible family separation policy:

A child can’t be taken from a parent’s arms. That’s inhuman.”

Donald Trump’s culture in the White House is so unhealthy and toxic that we can only expect that his former aides and staffers will continue to expose him and badmouth the way his White House is run.

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