State Of New Jersey Sent Trump A Brutal Message For All To See; He Won’t Be Able To Ignore This

This is a masterpiece of political activism.

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An activist in New Jersey has erected a billboard on Interstate 78 — the only road between the main NJ airport in Newark and Trump’s golf course in Bedminster — that the President will never be able to escape as he attempts to vacation at his resort on the taxpayers’ dime.

Put up late in August, following Trump’s worst day ever in office that saw both his former campaign manager and his former personal attorney convicted of crimes in federal court, the billboard is an epic call-out of the President’s intelligence, proudly declaring “OUR LEADER THE IDIOT” in giant letters.

Along the bottom of the sign, it says “2 FACED… 2 YEARS… 2 LONG! #OurLeaderTheIdiot.”


Bronx activist Neil Harrison tells News12 New Jersey that he spent about a thousand dollars out of pocket to put up the billboard, which promotes his upcoming documentary (presumably of the same name) but which he said is primarily there as his own personal form of protest against the President.

Manafort was convicted. Cohen’s giving up everything he can, and we’re hoping that Trump is next. Basically that’s what we are out here for. I’m an activist and that’s what I do. And we’re trying to drum up some real support here.”

Harrison is far from the only activist to erect giant signs in protest against Donald Trump. Voters in Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, and even protesters in Davos, Switzerland during the World Economic Forum have made their protests as big as possible so that Trump could not avoid them as he drove or flew by.

This, however, is the first billboard that actually calls out Trump as an “idiot” — not that it will likely be the last.

Watch the local New Jersey news report on the sign here:

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7.8k shares, 569 points