Social Media Users Call Trump A “Dictator” For “Ordering” Private Companies To Find “An Alternative” To China

Here's a hint, Donnie: You can't do that.

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In an angry 4-tweet diatribe that Trump will undoubtedly use to fashion an “official” executive order sometime later today or this weekend, the President “ordered” private American businesses to look for alternatives to buying product from China, and subsequently “ordered” other private American businesses to seek out and refuse shipments of a particular drug when it comes from China.

All of this is, of course, totally unconstitutional. The President may issue directives to federal agencies, but even the staunchest Trump supporter will tell you that not only can’t the President order private businesses to conduct themselves in a particular fashion, but that it’s antithetical to the entire platform of the Republican party and cuts screechingly across the groove of the free market of capitalism.

Trump clearly believes he is a dictator, and people are already calling him that.


In fact, regarding the last tweet in the series, Trump’s directive to stop accepting shipments “from China (or anywhere else!)” of a legal, FDA-approved drug is no different than if he told them to stop accepting shipments of steel or apples or tricycle wheels. It’s simply not legal for him to do so, in addition to being colossally stupid.

All of this is, no doubt, in response to what he considers a lack of action by the Federal Reserve, after which he called Chairman Jerome Powell an “enemy” of America, sending the markets immediately tumbling to what is sure to turn out as another record low day.

If only we had a President who understood how laws worked, we might have one who hadn’t also bankrupted casinos.

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