Mitch McConnell Likely Included In Special Counsel Report Over Ties To Russia, Campaign Finance Crimes

How many Republicans will Trump take down with him?

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It’s hard to imagine how life could get much worse for Republicans, but we here at DC Tribune think we might know of one, and it comes from the same source that’s been the scourge of the Trump administration since May 17th, 2017: The Robert Mueller Special Counsel investigation.

And honestly, what could possibly be worse news for the GOP than to find out that one or more of their leaders were being focused on as part of that investigation?

We already know almost as a matter of course that Mueller looked into statements made in private between members of the House GOP leadership, joking about fellow Republicans and even the President being on Vladimir Putin’s payroll. That’s not the type of discussion that doesn’t make it into a final report about who knew what and when.


But really, that is the only question that needs answering when it comes to complicity in Trump’s arrangement with the Russian government that was ostensibly finalized in Trump Tower: Who knew what and when they knew it.

Unfortunately for him, it looks like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may have known enough in advance to warrant a thorough investigation by Mueller’s team over what looks like at the very least some obstruction of justice charges of his own. Questions that Mueller would likely have wanted answers to include:

  • How did McConnell know that a Republican would be elected President in 2016, causing him to block the nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court in an unprecedented move that he now refuses to even publicly acknowledge happened?
  • Why did Mitch block the formation of a new bipartisan committee to investigate Russian interference in our elections, despite a letter signed by senior lawmakers of both parties asking him to do so?
  • Why did Mitch wait less than 24 hours after the raid on former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s office and home to announce that there would be no bill protecting the Mueller investigation?

There is very little chance, in fact, that not only has Mueller been looking into Mitch McConnell’s role in allowing Russia to hack our democracy, but that he probably had that portion wrapped up early on — and was watching to see what else the Senator would do before the full investigation came to a close.

Also at issue is the fact that out of all GOP politicians who are proven to have taken money from a dubious Russian source during their own campaigns, Mitch got by far the most. Sure, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and a handful of others also benefited from funding via a partner of Oleg Deripaska, the oligarch that Republicans just lifted sanctions on. But McConnell holds the most power, the most funding, and the most influence to potentially do it again.

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