Sean Hannity Could Be Subpoenaed After Bragging About Having Private Knowledge About Cohen Payoffs

His big mouth could land him in PRISON.

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Sean Hannity is a brilliant television personality, and there really isn’t any denying it — he keeps his audience in his thrall like almost no other TV star is capable of doing, to the point that his on-air persona has even been parodied in major films about Washington DC politics and intrigue. But along with his large audience comes the ego that almost always accompanies someone who can essentially make their followers think anything they want them to think.

That means that Hannity can’t help but insert himself in positions of importance whenever possible, especially given the fact that everyone knows Donald Trump calls him on his personal cell phone to discuss policy and ask for advice — and yes, that makes Trump one of Hannity’s television sheep.

But whenever someone gets in the habit of making things about themselves, they invariably slip up and incriminate themselves in something that they immediately regret. And we can’t imagine that Sean Hannity isn’t filled with regret after the idiotic remark he made during an exclusive interview he held with Trump in Hanoi during the “nuclear summit” with Kim Jong Un.


Discussing the fact that Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen was testifying before the House Oversight Committee as Trump was in Vietnam for the head to head with Kim, the President and his television acolyte were engaged in a clearly very rehearsed round of propaganda about “witch hunts” intended to convince at least Hannity’s audience that everything Cohen was saying under oath back here at home was a lie.

But Hannity, in an effort to try and “correct” a fact that was embarrassingly made public about him personally last year — that he, too, was a client of Cohen’s at one point — insinuated himself into the situation in a way he’ll never be able to back out of. Trying to cover for Trump, Hannity said live on air that Cohen personally attested to him that he alone had made the decisions about making “hush money” payments to Trump’s mistresses — an idea that would get Trump out of the massive trouble he’s in for illegally making payments before and during his presidency intended to silence someone.

It didn’t escape Rep. David Cicilline, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, who pounced on the statement:

It looks like Sean just bit off a little more than he can chew, and let me just say: I am also looking forward to his testimony. A lot.

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