Scaramucci Just Responded To Trump After POTUS Went After His Wife In A Tweet

Attacking family is just childish.

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There are those who consider Anthony Scaramucci’s epiphany about Donald Trump just too little, too late when it comes to mitigating the harm that Trump does in his daily missives against literally anyone who pisses him off even a little bit.

That’s fine, I totally understand that — The Mooch was actually a Democrat long before he worked for Trump, so it’s not like he didn’t know anything about the opposition party. But that almost argues for a scenario in which Scaramucci was seduced to the Trump camp by a charisma that is unseen to most of us but works on others like a reeded flute to a cobra.

I personally would like to believe that is a thing that exists, because it gives cover to so many more Trumpers who may leave his flock and want to claim asylum with the left after some harsh words have been exchanged, and I for one want to welcome them no matter how long it took them to arrive.


Trump, however, has not taken kindly to his former Communications Director’s defection from the dark side. As he does with most people who criticize him, Trump has dismissed Scaramucci as a nothing, a nobody, not to be taken seriously — although all of that rhetoric is belied by the fact that, uh, Trump is still talking about him. And on Monday, Trump hit below the belt.

Whatever you think of Twitter spats, dragging someone’s wife into the dispute, the messy personal details of his life, that should be out of bounds. And Scaramucci, who recently revealed on cable news that there was a group of current officials inside the West Wing planning a mass defection, struck back:

Trump doesn’t fight fair, and Anthony knows it. But that’s not stopping him from at least fighting BACK.

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