Sarah Sanders Weighs In On Trump’s Promotion Of Violence At Rallies, Is This A Joke?

She's kidding, right?

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Donald Trump is the most polarizing president America has ever had, and he’s used his power to fear monger gullible people to incite violence and create more hate in this country than we’ve seen in a long time. Despite the fact that he’s been caught on camera several times promoting disgusting, violent behavior, his team is still willing to insist it didn’t happen.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders went on Fox & Friends this morning and said it was “absolutely absurd” to say that Trump has incited violence at his rallies. Sanders said:

The idea that the president or anybody on his team or in his administration would encourage violence is absolutely absurd. The president stopped, asked and made sure everyone was okay before continuing on with the event. Certainly, we condemn violence in any form against anyone, and that certainly includes the press.”

And of course, Fox & Friends did nothing to counter that lie and just went on with the segment, letting Sanders get away with something that even Trump supporters know isn’t true. Trump’s encouragement of aggression and bigotry at his rallies is well-documented and has been called out before, but on Fox & Friends Sanders got a free pass. You can watch this ridiculous moment below:


Just to put this in perspective, here’s a few high profile moments where Trump purposefully used his rhetoric to create a divided, dangerous political environment:

Trump has not only used his rallies to turn Americans against each other. He has also tried to use his platform to turn Americans away from the press, even though the free press has been the only source of truth we have during Trump’s presidency. Trump has no right to call out others for racism or any other indecent behavior — he has done far worse, tenfold.

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