Sarah Sanders Throws Entire Trump Administration Under The Bus With Just One Sentence

What was she thinking?

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders is both the best thing and the worst thing ever to happen to the Trump administration.

On the one hand, she is clearly willing to say and do anything to perpetuate Trump’s agenda and catapult his narratives to the press and to the American public. That’s indispensable for an administration that relies on “alternative facts” the way Trump does.

But conversely, Sanders is fallible, and not only does she break character sometimes — I remain convinced she might have been a semi-good person prior to becoming a True Believer™ in the Trump regime — but she slips every once in a while and says something candidly that could be taken as an admission that perhaps things are a little northeast of normal in the Trump White House. Heck, she slips all the time in violation of the Hatch Act, from appearing with Kanye in his MAGA hat last week to tweeting partisan politics from her official government account on Friday:


But it was all the way back at the New Year, when Sarah was in a good mood after the holidays, up for answering every question the press threw her way at the first press briefing of 2018, that she accidentally admitted something about her boss that we’re frankly amazed didn’t get her fired.

After Trump spent essentially his entire holiday golfing, and after a first year in office that just astounded everyone at just how much time he spent on the course and at his golf resorts, a reporter asked Sanders if the White House had any “issue” with how much Trump golfs or his transparency about it. Her response?

I think it’s the press that has an issue with his time on the course.”

Think about that for a minute: Sarah is telling everyone that the entire staff of the West Wing is equally corrupt and doesn’t care one way or the other if the President of the United States is actually doing his job.

That’s just gross.

Watch the exchange here:

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