Sarah Sanders Gets Brutally Fact Checked After Telling Americans “Large Number” Of Terrorists Cross Border

This really puts the Trump administration into perspective.

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One of the White House’s most disgusting lies has just been called out, and it truly puts the Trump administration into perspective. Donald Trump has recently announced that he is going to the U.S.-Mexico border to address the “crisis” and do more fear mongering for his racist wall. The president has gotten widespread criticism for his government shutdown and continued insistence on his wall, but the lies he’s been trying to tell America for why his wall is necessary have just blown up in his face.

Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed that 4,000 terrorists were stopped at the southern border. After hearing that figure, the media sought the real numbers — and found out just how badly the Trump administration was lying. The real number? Six.


This is truly disgusting and serves as the perfect example of how dishonest and immoral Trump and his team are. This information is currently circulating all over social media and we can only hope that Trump supporters recognize how disgusting and irresponsible the Trump administration’s fake news is.

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