Russia Firm Indicted By Mueller Reveals Special Counsel Collected “Nude Selfie” During Probe

Nobody needs this kind of exposure.

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Evidently, Special Counsel Robert Mueller wasn’t collecting dirt on only Donald Trump. According to a Russian company that’s been accused of subsidizing the efforts to sway Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, a “nude selfie” is among the materials that were gathered in the probe.

While we have very little detail on the photo, such as who it is, or when or where it was taken — we do know of its existence thanks to Eric A. Dubelier, an attorney for Concord Management and Consulting who made mention of the photograph in a court filing.

“Could the manner in which he [Mueller] collected a nude selfie really threaten the national security of the United States?” he stated in the filing.


The only real connection we have to the Russia investigation and the purported photo is the fact that Concord, whose attorney made mention of the issue, is owned by Yevgeniy Prigozhin, a Russian businessman that’s been dubbed the nickname “Putin’s chef” thanks to his close relationship to the Russian president.

Concord pleaded not guilty to an indictment charging that conspired with 13 other Russian individuals as well as two other companies to push Russian-fed propaganda meant to sway voters towards Donald Trump during his presidential campaign.

Concord was hellbent on forcing disclosure of discovery in the case, but a federal judge quickly ruled to keep a tight and close hold on the information, as prosecutors had given “ample good cause” that disclosing the evidence could impede US national security investigations.

We’re not so sure if the Russian company was so eager to get their hands on the information because they’re guilty, or because there’s someone’s naked willy running around in a report somewhere —  but we’re guessing it’s a bit of both.

Either way, we can only imagine that Robert Mueller walked away with a well-deserved laugh in the midst of his investigation. Gives a whole new meaning to the word “probe,” huh?

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