Roger Stone Just Sent Judge Ruling Over His Case A Letter Begging For Forgiveness After Insulting Her

He looks SO stupid!

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Like many of Trump’s buddies, Republican strategist Roger Stone has found himself in the hot seat thanks to a disrespectful photograph he posted on social media, featuring a federal judge with crosshairs in the background. That Obama-appointed judge, Amy Berman Jackson, had recently gagged Stone from talking about Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, which led him to post that photo on Instagram with the caption:

Through legal trickery Deep State hitman Robert Mueller has guaranteed that my upcoming show trial is before Judge Amy Berman Jackson , an Obama appointed Judge who dismissed the Benghazi charges again Hillary Clinton and incarcerated Paul Manafort prior to his conviction for any crime. #fixisin. Help me fight for my life at”

Following tons of backlash, Stone has since deleted that post from Instagram, and has now issued a pathetic, formal apology to Judge Jackson. In a signed court filing, Stone said:

Please inform the Court that the photograph and comment today was improper and should not have been posted. I had no intention of disrespecting the Court and humbly apologize to the court for the transgression.”


Stone also took to Instagram to try and defend himself, in a post that said:

A photo of Judge Jackson posted on my Instagram has been misrepresented. This was a random photo taken from the internet. Any inference that this was meant to somehow threaten the Judge or disrespect court is categorically false.”

He followed it up with another post that was even more pathetic:

What some say are crosshairs are in fact the logo of the organization that originally posted it something called corruption central. They use the logo in many photos.” Stone wrote.

It’s easy to see why Trump and Stone are friends — they’re both liars who won’t take any responsibility for their actions.

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