Roger Stone Humiliated After Old Video Shows Him Daring Mueller to Arrest Him For Collusion

I'm speechless.

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Today was a pretty bad day for longtime Trump associate Roger Stone. Not only did his day begin with an unexpected arrest, but an old Instagram video has resurfaced which makes him look even worse.

Roger’s indictment was a shock to many, but after seeing the video that is now circulating all over the internet, it’s hard to argue that he didn’t have it coming. The video, which was posted in February of last year, actually challenged Special Counsel Robert Mueller to arrest him for colluding with Russia.

In the video, which I’m sure Stone deeply regrets now, Stone is drinking Russian vodka when someone taps him on the shoulder. Turning around with a Stoli martini in his hand, Stone sarcastically says:


Oh my god, I’m busted drinking Russian vodka! Mueller… arrest me, libtards.”

Then, Stone appears to hold out his wrists so he can be handcuffed. The caption to this video reads, “Roger Stone caught colluding with Russian vodka.”

You can watch this ridiculous video below:


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Roger Stone caught colluding with Russian vodka…

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While Stone probably thought this was hilarious at the time, he sure isn’t laughing now that he’s been arrested by the FBI and charged with counts of false statements, obstruction, and witness tampering in regards to the Special Counsel’s Russia investigation.

We imagine that Trump’s own indictment will probably go something like this. Trump and his associates are so cocky and confident that they will never get caught, and yet one by one they have been taken down by Mueller. If I were in Trump’s inner circle, I would be extremely nervous right now, as one indictment always leads to more. Perhaps Stone will be the next to flip on the president.

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