Roger Stone Admits Trump Is Screwed As Mueller Train Heads Right For POTUS

Forget the Trump Train, that thing derailed when Mueller was appointed.

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If it’s the gift that keeps on giving, we sure do wish that Robert Mueller’s latest high-profile indictment wasn’t wrapped up in Roger Stone because honestly, we’re getting sick of seeing his silly face on the news. But personal taste aside, Stone still has plenty to add to the national conversation, even if he’s saying it to people we hate reporting on.

Yesterday’s interview with Breitbart is a case in point. Stone is barely out of jail on a $250,000 bond and he absolutely cannot wait to do interviews, because that’s just the kind of guy he is. But he certainly doesn’t want to be pressed with any hard questions, so it’s straight to the hard-right fake news outlets that push conspiracy theories and carry water for Donald Trump like it’s in a briefcase handcuffed to their collective arms.

No matter what news outlet he shows up on, though, he’s bound to say some stuff he probably ought not to be saying. The takeaway from that particular interview, for me, was that Stone believes that Donald Trump’s presidency is in dire trouble and that Mueller is the one who’s going to take it down. He even called the investigation a “speeding bullet heading for [Trump’s] head.”


The thing is, as they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and there’s just no way that this presidency isn’t turned entirely on its ear over what have unquestionably been at least unethical and probably illegal practices during the election.

Whether there’s collusion with Russia or not — and there is, it’s in the Stone indictment — the fact remains that Trump paid mistresses hush money, his son openly courted “dirt” on his opponent from foreign sources, they hid their business motivations in Russia all the way up to the election, and frankly, everyone lied at every single step where they could possibly tell a lie.

Look, Roger Stone literally worked for Nixon, doing the things that eventually got him busted. Maybe he’s done America the same favor again.

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