RNC Reveals Logo For 2020 Featuring A Crown And Twitter Has Questions: “Are They Seriously Using Monarchist Imagery?”

They won't stop until we're a monocracy.

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Amid swirling controversy in Charlotte, North Carolina, as the city explores every option they can think of to avoid hosting next year’s Republican National Convention, the RNC continues to chug right along, full steam ahead on their preparations for the thinly-veiled MAGA rally.

As the RNC kicks off their annual two-day meeting in Charlotte, just a little over a year before the GOP convention is scheduled to take place on August 24, 2020, the committee has already begun a drive for 8,000 volunteers and used this opportunity to reveal their new logo for the 2020 convention.

All in all, officials are expecting around 50,000 visitors for the convention, 15,000 of which will be reporters from across the globe, as well as a total of 8,000 thoroughly background-checked volunteers.


But Twitter users weren’t nearly as concerned with the expected turnout for the event as they were with the new logo chosen by the RNC and revealed today — which creepily features the GOP elephant standing against a king’s crown — leading many users to question the use of such a monarchical symbol, wondering whether this indicates their desire to make Donald Trump the king he’s always dreamed of being.


Regardless of the RNC’s intentions with the thinly-veiled message contained in their logo, it’s certainly no secret that Donald Trump has been gunning hard to secure far more than his allowed four, or even God forbid eight, years that he’s constitutionally allowed in office. He has repeatedly claimed that he’s owed an additional two years in light of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation that he feels robbed him of a portion of his presidency, he’s made more than the occasional “joke” about extended terms, and he’s even tweeted videos that indicate he plans to stay forever.

At this point, we have to take every move as a serious one.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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