RNC Allows Americans To Send Trump Christmas Wishes, Except It Hilariously Backfires

Who thought this was a good idea?!

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The Republican Party still hasn’t learned that the majority of America hates Donald Trump, and it’s the only topic he’s managed to unify this country on during his disastrous presidency.

In the past, the Republican National Committee has severely damaged the reputation and dignity of the GOP by allowing Americans to send messages to Trump, and despite how this blows up in the GOP’s face every single time, the RNC continues to try. In the spirit of Christmas, the RNC made yet another mistake by allowing Twitter users the chance to leave a Christmas message for the president on the official online First Family Christmas Card.


What could possibly go wrong? The RNC would soon find out. Tons of Twitter users responded, and let’s just say things probably didn’t go the way Trump or the RNC wanted them to. People were pretty much appalled and didn’t hesitate to verbalize just how much Trump sucks and would not be getting any well wishes for the holiday.

Seriously, the RNC just needs to give up on trying to make messages to Trump a thing — because every time, the GOP gets humiliated.

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