Resurfaced Video Shows Interviewer Calling Trump A Sexual Predator To Which He Responds “It’s True”

So disgusting.

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Donald Trump is a fucking creep. There are no two ways about that. But this recent ordeal with Jeffrey Epstein in combination with yet another rape allegation against Donald himself in the last few weeks has spurred internet users to really expose just how disgusting the man truly is.

All over social media, you’ll find a plethora of evidence for Donald Trump grossness — ranging from photos with him of Epstein to unsavory comments he made about his daughter when she was barely a year old. But perhaps one of the most mind-blowing pieces of evidence to recently resurface is an interview from Donald on the Howard Stern show in 2006, in which he blatantly admitted that he’s a sexual predator.

In the gag-inducing video that’s currently going viral on Twitter, you can see Trump smiling and laughing with Stern while a noticeably uncomfortable Ivanka flanks his side.


“Donald, seriously… You know about sexual predators and things like that,” Stern said.

“You are one!” co-host Robin Quivers yelled.

It was then that Donald, the man who would run for president of the United States and win just 10 years later, shrugged his shoulders and mouthed the words “It’s true.” Twice.

As if that isn’t bad enough, another clip from Howard Stern’s show, this one from 2004, is also making its rounds on social media platforms. And this one features Donald referring to his sexual partners as “victims” while discussing a National Enquirer story that reported on him sleeping with throngs of different women.

“Many years ago I was on your show and you were putting all of them up on posters, ‘how was this one, how was that one,'” Trump said in the 2004 clip.

“And I’m sure I missed thousands,” Stern replied.

“You missed a lot of them,” Trump stated. “Actually, some of the ones on the chart were not victims, okay?”

This isn’t “locker room talk” people. These are blatant red flags. This is a man openly and proudly admitting that he’s a sexual predator. And he knows he can get away with it. This is the president of our country. This is a disaster.

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