Republicans Warned Voters About Trump’s Impeachment Before Midterms, This Could Impact Election Results

Republicans are terrified of tomorrow.

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Republicans have done everything they could to scare conservatives into voting in the midterm elections. Knowing how high the stakes are and how badly their party is struggling thanks to Donald Trump, GOPers have pulled out all the stops from racism, lies, fear mongering about policies, pretending they give a damn about healthcare, and of course using Trump’s possible impeachment as a voting tactic.

Conservatives know they’re in big trouble if Democrats take the majority after the midterm elections, and it could very well happen. Many Republicans such as U.S. Representative Sean Duffy of Wisconsin have taken to practically begging conservatives to save Trump in the midterms, warning that the president and his white nationalist movement will be the first to go if the GOP doesn’t come out on top after November 6th. In a talk radio interview, he said:

Do you think that the far-left Resist movement base of the Democrat Party would accept anything other than impeachment?”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz also played into this scare tactic, showing a video of what could happen if Democrats overturned Congress. In the video, fake news anchor said, “Senate Majority Leader Schumer announced the impeachment trial of President Trump.”


It is absolutely pathetic that Republicans would terrorize voters like this, but they have every right to be worried – even Trump’s own advisors have warned the president that his job is in danger if he cannot motivate voters in the midterms (this would explain the new level of crazy Trump has reached). Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said:

Everybody has told him that. The threat of impeachment is something that unifies everybody in the party, even if you’re not a big Trump supporter.”

What we’ve witnessed over the last few weeks have been desperate attempts from a party that is on its last leg. Tomorrow, our job will be to show them that no amount of fear mongering can drown out those of us who still care about this country.

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