Republicans Lose All Faith In Trump, Openly Discussing His Defeat In 2020

Wow this is BRUTAL.

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While Donald Trump may still somehow believe that his re-election campaign for 2020 is not completely hopeless, the larger Republican Party feels very differently about it.

Despite his abysmal approval rating, his looming investigations, and most recent disastrous government shutdown over his border wall, Trump actually believes he has a chance for a second term. What will break Trump’s tiny heart is the news that Republicans are openly whispering about how little they believe in Trump’s future as a president, and how they are convinced he will cause the GOP a major loss in 2020.

Recently on MSNBC, Republican strategist Mike Murphy reported how the GOP’s feelings about Trump have changed over the course of his presidency:


My joke is if the president could read minds he’d never want to set foot on capitol hill on either the Democrat or Republican side. I mean, it was significant that you had a handful of senators which is more than the zero we used to see walk away from him on the Democratic bill to fund the country. So there’s no doubt his strength is slipping.

The question is in ten months will it slip enough to really have a primary challenge if something like that to be realistic and right now he is in the driver’s seats with the grassroots of the Republican Party. The signs are ominous because parties don’t like to lose and the Trump brand has gone from “Art of the deal” to going to lose to the liberals and that’s a problem for any political party and I hear all over the GOP now whispered at this point.”

Apparently, those doubts about Trump are only getting worse. According to a recent report by the New York Times, the president’s own advisors are concerned that he doesn’t have one positive message to run on in the next election. Murphy said, “But even among his own political lieutenants, there is a general recognition that Mr. Trump currently lacks anything resembling a positive message.”

They may not like it but Trump is the president the Republican Party deserves, after being so spineless and refusing to stand up to him. Trump has been allowed to ruin the party and the country, and now the GOP will lose big time because of it. And the sad thing is, they know it.

You can watch Murphy explain how the GOP is turning on Trump below:

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