Republican Was Just Asked To Defend Trump’s Tariffs On Live TV, His Reaction Is Priceless

This was a beautiful moment to catch on camera.

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It’s becoming harder and harder for Republicans to go on television and defend their support of Donald Trump when they’re put on the spot. To combat the shame and hesitance they feel when asked questions, top GOPers are coming up with some very creative, pathetic ways to get out of answering questions or buy time so they can think of a nonsense response. That’s exactly what we saw today with former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum (PA) during an appearance on CNN.

When host Poppy Harlow asked Santorum if he thought Republicans would be hurt by Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum in the midterm elections, Santorum had a really hard time answering. In fact, he tried to pretend he didn’t hear the question at all. Harlow asked, “Could the tariffs complicate all of that?”

Santorum asked, “Did the what?” and asked her to repeat it. Even after Harlow asked him the question again, Santorum said, “I’m not catching that word.”


Harlow repeated the word “tariffs” twice for Santorum, who was pretending there was an issue with his ear piece. He said, “Paris? I’m missing it. I’m sorry.” Santorum was probably just trying to buy a few moments so he could come up with a response to defend Trump.

Harlow started laughing and gave up. She said, “I hope this makes it on The Daily Show. Trade. Trade. Tariffs!”

Finally Santorum “heard” the question. He said, “Oh, tariffs! I’m sorry, I’ve got to work on my earphone.”

It looks like Santorum could use some lessons in avoidance tactics from Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway or White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, because this was just pathetic. You can watch this hilarious moment below:

We can’t blame him. We wouldn’t want to be caught dead defending Trump on television, either.

Featured image via screen capture

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