Republican Voters Reveal Plans For Midterms On National TV, Give Trump The Most Brutal Reality Check

If other Trump voters see this, the GOP is pretty much done.

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The November midterms are right around the corner and while things are already not looking too great for the Republican Party, the end results of the election might actually leave everyone stunned when the GOP finds out just how much Donald Trump has turned longtime conservative voters away from their own party.

Trump has made conservative Americans so angry and disgusted with their party, many of these voters are actually planning on voting blue this November — and they’re letting the GOP know how badly it f*cked up by not doing anything about Trump, allowing the unhinged POTUS to run wild and ruin the country.

Recently, CNN aired a segment in which (now former) Republican voters in a Colorado district were interviewed — and what they said is going to be a major reality check for Trump and any hopeful GOPer. In the interview, these two Americans said that Trump alone had caused them to abandon the party and that because of him, they are going to vote straight Democrat in the midterms. Colorado 6th District voter Meredith told CNN correspondent Dana Bash:


There are some Democrats I like and some Republicans I like, but I am pretty much voting all blue.”

John, another conservative voter, stated that although he is leaning Republican and likes Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO), “my disappointment in the president is so much I might vote down the line against Republicans.”

Wow. If other frustrated Trump voters and die-hard Republicans latch onto this message, the GOP is in even more trouble than it originally thought it was.

You can watch this eye-opening interview below:

What we’ve seen Trump do to the Republican Party is unprecedented, and we’re sure that every GOP politician resents and regrets allowing this idiot to get into the White House. After November, the GOP will truly be on the brink of extinction, and they have no one but themselves to blame for that.

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